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import manually?

  1. My previous blogadmin assures me that it's impossible to export from his blog to WP, and he seems like a truthful person. So is there anyway I can import posts and comments manually?

  2. Yup, cut and paste.

    But it might help us help you if you told us what your old system was based on or at least gave us a link. Right now we have nothing to go on. We do have some workaround that you can use but we need more information to give you an answer.

  3. I'm not sure what system that would be; I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to computers. It claims to be powered by SMF 1.03 ( if that means anything to you. My old blog is (Note that it spells blogg not blog.)

  4. It is a blog by pLog. I have never heard of an import function for that program. Any ideas drmike on getting that imported at least through RSS as it might be difficult to get it into the RSS import format?


  5. We can't do an RSS import into We've been directing folks to other WPMu installs like and doing the rss into one of them, exporting out a wordpress xml file and importing that.

    We had originally figured that out for the blogger beta work around.

    Discussed here.

    Hope this helps,

  6. i have the same problem, i had my blog on iblog, and now i wanna move it wordpress and i dont know how i can move all the posts and comments ! :(

  7. Um, read the post above yours?

  8. Seems I have to do this the hard cut-and-paste way. But how do I do it? Is there anyway I can put a date on the post?

  9. Type it in or change the datestamp when you're on the Write Post page: it's on the right-hand side, a blue box.

  10. Found it. Thanks.

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