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Import of posts and comments from Movable Type not showing up

  1. i just imported 15 to 20 blog posts and some comments from Movable type export file into my word press blog. I got an email saying the import was successful. I don't see it on the blog site. Where do I look for it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll flag this for Staff assistance, as they really are the only ones who can help you with this.

    It may take a bit as there is a bit of a backlog. Please be patient.

  3. The import at did complete, but there was no importable data in the file.

    What was the full filename of the export file you received from Movable Type?

  4. I did not take the whole file, I used the one that I used for testing import with SquareSpace. I kept about 16 to 18 blog entries in the file I tried to import. I can try importing the whole file that I got from Movable Type. I am testing word press out for a client, and the export file has the name of the blog in it. Is there a way i can send it to you but not in a public forum.

  5. Before you send the file in, would you please try one more time, but with a fresh export file from Movable Type?

  6. I too tried to import a text file (.txt) from Movable Type (3.31) to I got the email saying that the import was successful, but couldn't see any added posts or anything. The solution that worked for me was to first import my Movable Type .txt file into Blogger (into a new blog I created solely for this purpose), then import the new Blogger blog into WordPress.

  7. I should add that I used the website to convert the Movable Type .txt file into a .xml file that Blogger could import.

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