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  1. I'm trying to import posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress. I have a website but for some bizarre reason the comments will just not import. I've decided to import onto a site and then import that to the site.

    I've also uploaded the xml file of Blogger posts and comments but they are still not up.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See the support docs at >
    Note the ability to import manually.

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  4. Thanks for the reply. I did follow the instructions in that link you sent and manually uploaded the XML file. After that it says something like "thanks the upload, yadda yadda..." Did this yesterday and posts/comments are still not up. Is it going to take 24 hours or something?

  5. I'm seeing four pages on the blog at, but no posts. I also do not see a current import process running.

    How large is your Blogger export file? If it's a very large file, that could be the cause of these issues.

  6. I believe the size of the Blogger export file is a little over 100mb. Is that too big to import?

  7. I see now that the max size is 15mb. Do you know what else I can possibly do to import all the comments? The site is not importing all the comments over, though the blog posts are imported.

    I was trying an alternate route by uploading to a site and then importing from there to the site.

    Any advice on how else to go about this?

  8. That's a very large export file. You're going to run into memory limits both here and on a self-hosted site.

    My first recommendation would be for you to try to find out from Blogger if you can break up the export file. They don't seem to make that available by default but it's possible if you post on their help forums someone will know how to do it. If you could make that happen, it might be the most successful outcome.

    If not, you can make the file available to us (uploading it to Dropbox or a similar service would be the easiest way) and we can try to import it on our end. There's no guarantee the import would succeed, especially if there are a lot of image files, but we can give it a shot. From there, if the import worked, we could then break it into about a dozen export files you could import into your .org site.

    Let me know how you wish to proceed.

  9. I wasn't able to find anything on how to split a Blogger XML file unfortunately. Many articles mentioned for Mac but it did not work for me. I also downloaded WXR Splitter but realized that will not work for the XML file.

    I compressed the XML file and it is now at 14.2MB. Just tried importing it. Not seeing any results yet, but is it processing?

    Here are links to the files (xml and zip):

    Thanks for your help.

  10. You won't actually be able to import a .zip file into the Blogger importer.

    Let me see what we can do on our end. It may take a little time, so I appreciate your patience.

    Also I will remove the links to the files in the post for you.

  11. Hi,

    I was wondering whether the import was successful from your end?


  12. It looks like we were finally able to get the import working. It looks like we captured 1,596 posts and 60K worth of comments, with 378 images. You can take a look at your blog now to see what's there.

    If it looks about right (or close!) I can generate an export file for you. Let me know.

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