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import problems

  1. I am having an impossible time importing my content from blogger. I have done it about 5 times, using both the simple tool and trying the "export/import uploader" but to no avail.

    It's grabbed all of the titles and "tags" on my posts, (what blogger calls "labels" which it misinterpreted as categories, BTW, not what I would have chosen...) but none of the pictures or text, with one exception. For some reason one post did import, although I had to go back and manually upload a picture from my hard drive for it to recognize it as the thumbnail image. I can't tell what is different about that one post that it chose to make it work.

    I got one other post in, by copying and pasting into the body of a "new post" and then reformatting it and backdating it. I do not want to have to do this for the remaining 40 or so posts.

    What really is the most irksome is that I have a friend who recently did the same thing with zero difficulty. We are both using Chrome for Mac, and I've even tried this on a computer not my own. Please help me.
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  2. The importer filters out duplicates, so repeated attempts won't help.

    Instead, assuming you only have imported posts on the blog, I'd like to empty the whole thing so you can try again.

  3. Unfortunately I don't only have imported posts as I've been using wordpress for my new posts. Should I just go back and delete them all and then try again?

  4. Yes, in this case you'll need to manually delete them, then try again.

    If you want to test first, you're more than welcome to open another blog by visiting while logged in.

  5. Ok I'll try that. Thanks!

  6. It looks like deleting the posts and rre-uploading will do the trick. thanks.

  7. You're welcome!

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