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Import Problems

  1. I have waited 2 weeks for my file to import and it still hasn't worked. I need to import some more files from my old blog, what should I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Where are these import files from please?
    What size are the files?
    Note: I have tagged this thread for Staff support.

  3. The files are the download/export of my previous wordpress blog.
    They are not very big. The biggest is 239KB and the smallest is 22KB.
    I really appreciate your help :)

  4. Hi again,
    Thanks for the additional information. I see that Staff haven't got to this thread yet. I suggest you subscribe to this thread and when Staff respond in it you will be notified.

  5. Ok then, thank you :)

  6. Sorry you're having trouble with your import. Could you please let me know the URL of your old site so we can take a look? What types of content are you missing, is it only image files or anything else? Are all your posts, pages, and comments there OK?

  7. Hello, my URL is: (or

    The content I am missing are previous posts that I tried to transfer. They contain images too.

    Everything else on my blog is ok and hasn't been changed, but every time I click on the import button, it just says that it is still importing my files and that I will get an email when it's done.

  8. I've removed the current import job. If you like, I can empty out the site so you can try the import again. Doing that will erase all posts, pages, comments, images, and any uploaded files - including anything that may have been added after the partial import - and it cannot be undone. Please let me know if you'd like me to empty the site.

  9. I will see if it works and then I will get back to you, but thank you :)

  10. I have just checked it out and you have fixed the problem :). I want to thank you very much for helping my site to work again. Thank you :D

  11. On behalf of Kathryn, you're welcome!

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