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Import Sitemeter counter from Blogger

  1. Can I import my current counter (including the stats), or do I have to start from scratch?


  2. You have to start from scratch. It's a new website, so no matter where or when you move, you always, always have to start from scratch again.

  3. you dont have to start from scratch, just change your settings on your sitemeter account from your blogger account to your wordpress account
    when you're logged in,

  4. Really? I wish I'd known that eight or nine months ago. Thanks for correcting me.

  5. You're old one is still probably there if you want to switch back. Also IIRC you can add in an amouunt if you want.

  6. Thank you! That was very useful information, I will try.

  7. Quick note that a Site meter widget had been created by someone who should be cleaning out their email inbox and dealing with other issues. I do hope we can see this on someday. :)


    And it may ever be secure. :)

  8. What is wrong with it?

    I assumed I could place the sitemeter using a textbox and put it in as a picture, as explained in one of the other threads. Hm, would that work?

  9. I took a look at Dr.Mike's blog from you link, my Good, it looks terrific. I see the point now so please ignore my question above...

  10. Nothing's wrong with it. I've been trying to learn how WordPress secures content lately over in the WordPress Multiuser forums.

  11. Wow, that sitemeter widget would be great. I for one certainly hope that'll indeed be on sooner than later :)

  12. So, it can not be used on WP so far?

  13. No at this point the sitemeter widget is only available at Here at we can go to the sitemeter website and follow the instructions to install sitemeters on our blogs. Both of my blogs here have sitemeters and they work very well.

  14. @TT @anne1024 - the free sitemeter does not track referrers and key words among other useful things. The free version also only tracks up to a certain number of visitors. Only with the js code can you do do the full tracking even if you have the paid version. I've sent in a request to ask if the Sitemeter widget could be made available for I can only ask...

  15. It can be used on regular WordPress, not here at The widget I created drops your username over at sitemeter into the javascript. Sitemeter confirmed for me that the username is also made up of the name of the server you're on so that's all I needed to make it work.

  16. Dr Mike I understand that it can't be used on that's why I sent the request to see if we can get to use here. I got a response from Podz that the request is down to be looked at.

    But let me confirm with you again - you are talking about using the widjet on or multi user when you made it work?

  17. The widget contains a good chunk of javascript - I missed the download link earlier - and it effectively puts that js into each blog. There is a significant security risk which I don't think can be taken.

  18. So, if I understand you correctly then Podz, what you are saying is that there's no chance of having the sitemeter widget available to use on

    But it is/can be used on wp multi-user? And it's not a security risk there?

  19. What is the conclusion here?

    I have changed my Sitemeter account adress from Blogger to WordPress, so now it is counting on my wordpress blog. Or not?

    How I understand the discussion above, is that I cannot put the sitemeter widget on my WP blog. But I can still track the locations, referrals etc as usual if I want, if I log into my Sitemeter account (it is still counting traffic after I changed the adress. I suppose that is WP blog traffic).

    "@TT @anne1024 - the free sitemeter does not track referrers and key words among other useful things"
    you mean, it will not do it on WP? then it is still counting on Blogger, because it still shows referrals, google search words tec.

    "It can be used on regular WordPress, not here at"
    With regular WP, you mean hosted by one self?

    what is

  20. Anne it's not easy to understand when you are talking to more than one person I know so here goes, in a nutshell

    (1) Yes you can have a free sitemeter non java script version on blogs and many of us do have one.

    (2)*BUT* on we cannot use either the free or paid javascipt version of sitemeter and therefore we cannot get referrer information or key words used.

    (3) On which is a free wordpress MU blogging platform hosted by drmike, we have a different and much more comprehensive statisical tracking system including key word tracking.

    (4) On which is a free wordpress MU blogging platform hosted by drmike, he has created a sitemeter widget and we get referrer information. On there is no sitemeter widget and no referrer information as yet but britgirl has requested that the widget be introduced here too.

    (5) In regard to drmike's reference for those self hosting blogs or for those who have web hosted blogs run on a different code base than we do over here They can have the java script, frames, embeds and styles but we can't because it creates security risks over here because we are on a shared multi-user platform, unlike over there.

    (6) Blogs are served from {name} The WordPress cookie is delivered to any site that ends in Any javascript on the page is legitimately allowed to look up cookies that would be sent to the domain it’s served from. If java script were allowed on the shared blogging platform then lifting log-in cookies would be child's play.

    That is why all java script, frames, styles, and embeds are stripped out by programming.

    SHEESH - I should be blogging this and at least getting some hits for all my effort *lol*. ;)

    P.S. Here's yet another java script no can do thread. Although it's not about a site meter the answer is still the same for the same reasons

  21. Thank you for your very detailed answer.
    (Yes, you should definately make it a post...)
    I can actually host the blog my self, but... I would then have to move all the stuff again, wouldn't I?

    Anpther thing (hope it is not a stupid question): My counter which is still on the now almost empty blogger adress (, is counting what now? I changed the adress on Sitemeter to wordpress- But it still counts something. As I understand the above. there is no chance it counts visits to my WP blog, right?

  22. Thanks for the kind words anne. I'm really glad this description helped you sort out things. Point number 6 above is one that even long time bloggers fail to understand and accept so it comes up frequently in many different guises and I find myself "singing the same tune" over and over again. I will blog it and then I can just direct forum users to what I blog via link.

    As for your last question this is all I know. When I exported one of my blogs sitemeter and all from to the sitemeter continued to work and to count page views. Thereafter I simply changed my account over to the sitemeter widget drmike created and got the extra features like referrers as well.

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