Import themes to my free blog hosted at wordpress, is it possible?

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    There is 50 MB of free space in a free blog hosted at wordpress.
    Many themes only takes 0,1 MB space.
    I know how to upload themes to an EXTERNAL blog at my webhotel with my ftp client
    to the directory: wp-content/themes/

    But I wonder if it’s possible to upload a theme to my free blog hosted INTERNAL at ? <EDIT> </EDIT>
    It seems only possible to upload pictures?





    A quick search reveals this:

    Just so there’s no confusion: does not host blogs, does.



    Thanks for your fast reply judyb12,

    but that did not solve the question.
    Maybe I can rename the files in the theme, for example rename: header.php to header.jpg,
    upload it, and rename it again to header.php ?



    You can rename the files and upload them, but I’m not sure they’ll be downloadable in that form and we certainly can’t use our own themes here, because we’re on a shared blogging platform. Basically, if you change the actual template, you change it for everyone using that template.

    What we CAN do is get the Custom CSS upgrade and use that to change the look of our unique blogs, but not the functionality.



    Thanks for your reply raincoaster.
    I will consider the Custom CSS upgrade,
    or pick one of the ~50 available themes within wordpress,
    or host the blog at my webbhotel, where I can add themes, advanced counters etc…

    I think that it will drive more traffic to the site,
    to have the blog at wordpress, instead of on my hosting account, don’t you guys?
    Or is it enough to add a bunch of social bookmarkers, like etc…?




    Hosting at brings a LOT more hits, all other things being equal, partially because of the tag system. It gives great googlejuice as well, for search engines. Social bookmarks absolutely depend on how many people are already reading your blog; it’s a self-reinforcing loop.



    You would need to have access to teh underlying files to be able to install a theme here. That’s not possible as it would be putting folks at risk here for hacking.

    Please also note that those theme are written for regular WordPress, not the WordPress Multiuser that powers this site. A lot of them will not work on WPMu.

    The traffic issue is a toss up to be honest. Comparing numbers I think I’ve moved down in traffic since combining my two sites over here. On the other hand, I think I have a high PR over here and I don’t have to worry about upgrading, admining my site, etc. That’s something you have to do when you’re hosting elsewhere which a lot of folks think there’s nothing to it.

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