Import tool from Posterous doesn't work

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    I have two posterous sites. and also

    I have tried to import both of these sites. The import facility just doesn’t work. No errors are shown. I get confirmation emails saying it has been successful yet nothing has been imported. I have tried from firefox and also chrome. This took place over 24 hours ago. I contacted wordpress support at the time but I have had nothing back, nyada.

    Is this an ongoing issue? Should I just sit back and wait? Has anybody else had this similar issue resolved?

    Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

    Support confirmation email: – (over 24hrs ago)

    “Thank you for your support request:

    I have attempted twice to import my posterous ( into my new wordpress and even thought I have twice received the confirmation email indicating a success I can see no imported posts. Not a major problem since my posterous is small but it would nice to resolve as I have another posterous account which is much bigger that I would like to import. Am I doing something wrong?

    Your message is flying through cyberspace to us as you read this. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t seem tyo be the only one with this problem. See

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