Import Translations button missing in Delphin translation project

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    Import Translations button is missing in Delphin translation project, although I see it for other projects:

    It shouldn’t be a permissions issue, as I’m GTE for the given locale.

    Are other locales experiencing the same behaviour? Any suggestions who to ping?




    Hi bujku,

    Sorry it took a while to get back to you – I had to check the status of the Delphin’s contents plan from that team.

    1) Actually you were not a validator of that project (it’s separate from the wpcom project). I’ve promoted you now, so you should be able to import translations.

    2) The Delphin team said there will be a major change in the contents of site in late November. It’s probably the best if you work on the translation after then, so that your effort is not lost.

    Thanks for your help! Let us know you have most of the project translated after the content refresh next moth, then we can deploy in the future.

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