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Import Typepad blog - do all WP blogs share same dashboard?

  1. Wow, is this confusing! A long time ago I registered a blog with the name: However, I ended up creating that blog in Typepad instead. Now, I want to import my Typepad blog into WordPress except that I also have: which is my writing portfolio.

    When I enter in the url: it takes me to my dashboard for: !

    Should "much ado" have it's own dashboard instead of sharing the "jennikeast" dashboard? Otherwise it will be VERY confusing ... it's like I don't have two separate blogs! Since plan on creating several other blogs it could get even more confusing!

    What do I do? I already exported the Much Ado blog (as a downloaded .txt to my Mac desktop) and now I want to upload it to the Much Ado WP blog but am afraid it's going to get loaded unto my jennikeast WP blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To clarify, I want to upload my MuchAdo typepad txt. file to my WordPress "much ado
    blog which is currently blank - not blog entries or even a chosen template.

    I do NOT want to upload this MuchAdo typepad txt. file to my jennikeast WP blog! (But it seems as though the two blogs share the same dashboard so it's very confusing.)


  3. Actually, is returning no records for its assigned nameservers. I'm not sure why it's redirecting for you, could be propagation.

    If you'd like to register a new blog, you can following this guide:

    Once it's all setup, you can map your existing domain following this guide:

  4. I tried what you said and I got a message that said:

    Sorry, that site already exists!

    Choose a address or get your own URL with a custom domain name. (?)

    The reason it says that is because that's MY WP address - one I created back in 2008 but never used (created a blog on Typepad instead.)

    So how come WP is not showing that it belongs to me when it does?

    Also, I registered another WP blog way back when titled A Year of Living Dangerously but it was under the name piperlori. So, when I key in it pulls us the A Year of Living Dangerously but the Dashboard, etc. shows all the info from my current active blog:

    It's the same with The dashboard for that blog is showing all my info from my current blog

    If someone--anyone--can explain how I can untangle myself from this mess that would be most helpful!

    Basically I need 4 blogs under one registrant name. How do I get it so that each blog has a separate dashboard?

  5. Well, we have no record of ever being registered in our system.

    Both and belong to different user accounts, neither one is yours, which is why attempts to access their Dashboards sends you to your blog.

    If you feel that you do own these blogs, please contact us via so that we can straighten this out.

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