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  1. I want to import my followers from my to my self hosted site

  2. Hi there,

    Not a problem! I've gone ahead and performed that migration for you. You can see that the migration was complete by reviewing your subscribers right here:!/my-stats/?blog=49381572&blog_subscribers&type=wpcom&unit=1

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks very much!

    I am a little confused however, and the error may be mine... I'm not sure.
    I transferred the name of my site to bluehost recently, imported my old blog, and everything seems fine. Except when the transfer of the name happened, my stats stopped, and my close to 2000 followers disappeared.

    Amightywp, you have managed to transfer the followers I gained on the since then, but can you shed any light on what may have happened to my previous subscribers.

    I would quite like to get them transferred to my new blog too... is this possible?


  4. Hi there,

    Your stats counts followers which are not counted in your new stats by default. Specifically, it counts any social media followers from any accounts which you might have set up, such as Twitter or Facebook.

    You can re-set all that up in your Jetpack plugin if you go to the Publicize section and configure it to log in to your external accounts.

    If you've already done this or if you did not previously have social media accounts logged in, let me know and we'll see what else might be going wrong!

  5. I'm still confused.

    The 20 or so blog followers you imported for me, were followers that I got only After I transferred the web name initially hosted by wordpress to my new host. Previously i had about 1800 or more blog followers on the same name ( - hosted by
    When the name transfer happened, all of these blog followers disappeared. I dont think they were associated with twitter or facebook. They were email subscribers.

    I have Jetpack installed, but it doesnt seem to have made much difference, and I am concerned that I have lost over 1500 email subscribers ...

    I would like to pay for a redirect, but I would like to sort all this out first.

    Would love any help!! Thanks

  6. Hi there,

    We've gone through and double checked. We are not showing that there was a previous migration, nor do we show 1500-1800 email subscribers from your previous blog.

    When you switched over to your new site, the additional followers would have disappeared immediately if they were attached to any social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. In order to have those followers re-appear, you will need to re-add your social media accounts where I mentioned previously within your Jetpack plugin.

  7. Hi
    I know I am missing email followers that are not associated with twitter or facebook etc, as they are personal family emails. They were associated with my blog on before and during my upgrade, when I paid to have my own name hosted by wordpress. These people now are no longer notified via email when I post a new article on my blog (which has now reverted to its old name: as opposed to, and if they visit my site they have to subscribe again. The fact that they are now no longer subscribed only indicates that my larger following is no longer subscribed as well.

    I paid for an upgrade via wordpress to host my blog name for a year (through automattic) it seems unacceptable that suddenly all this data could have disappeared while I was transferring the name. Surely there is an allotted time to keep the data before it is deleted. I know that I am missing email subscribers. Also I am concerned why my stats and email followers broke during the transfer, as they should have all been associated with anyway!!! If i had not transferred the name to bluehost, and did not renew my upgrade, it should have reverted to its original name ( BUT i should have retained the email followers to the blog anyway!

    I worked really hard on my blog and content to reach that many email subscribers, and it galls me that I paid for a service only for them to loose all the information.

    I don't know what to do at this point.

  8. Hi @katsasleep,

    At your request, I'm having our developers take another look at your original blog to see if they can find anything which may have gone sideways at any point or if we can find these additional subscribers.

    I'll let you know as soon as I have any news from their investigation!

  9. Hi again,

    I wanted to let you know that I have followed up with our developers regarding your original site:

    And they have still been unable to find any additional followers predating the original migration, though additional subscribers have signed up for your original site.

    If you'd like, I can re-migrate these new followers, and to prevent additional people from signing up at the original site, I would be happy to provide our product Domain Forwarding, free of charge. This will make anyone who visits be redirected to your new site automatically.

  10. Hi @amightywp
    Thank you for looking into my problem.
    it is a pity that something seems to have gone wrong, but yes, what you propose would be agreeable, and I appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    Hopefully email subscribers will wonder what happened to my blog and resubscribe.

    Thank you for your help.

  11. Hi @katsasleep,

    OK, that's been taken care of. I re-migrated your newer followers, so they are all on your newer blog. Then I also added a year of Site Redirect to your blog. Auto-renew is not on, so if you decide you want to keep it this time next year, you'll need to log on to your site by going directly to:

    And renewing it for $13.

    I hope this helps!

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