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Import xml file

  1. I have imported this xml file : blogger-export-everything-all.xml...It says import successful and will be imported. How long does it take to import the file?
    Blog url:

  2. Hi, I have exactly the same question. I imported the xml file this morning and it said that it was succesfull and will be imported immediatly. I'm still waiting at the end of the afternoon.

  3. It takes up to 24 hours.

  4. I hv waited for 3 days n still nothing... Unbelievable... :-(

  5. @bubbli26
    Hello there,
    This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  6. Hi timethief...

    Thanks dear...Hopefully they can help me resolve it..I am now copying each post I have in Multiply to wordpress at the moment...Super tiring to do this...Argh...

  7. That sounds tedious to be sure. Please hang in there.

  8. I have reset your importer. Would you please try again?

  9. Hi Mac..

    Thanks will try again..Can I check I have updated my blog with some of previous post..Will the import later affect my current posted posts?


  10. Hi macmanx,
    I'm in the same situation as bubbli26 will you have to reset my importer?

  11. bubbli26, the importer will ignore duplicate posts.

    mamielionne, I have reset your importer.

  12. Hi, I have the same problem as bubbli26 and mamielionne, can you reset my importer too? Much thanks!

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