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Import XML file from Storify?

  1. I've never had any success with the Embed from Storify function, neither the one they had before nor the one now. Yet they do allow you to export it as an XML file: is it possible to import this to a blog, specifically mine?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could staff presumably import it to my blog, since it's XML?

  3. Hm, we can't bring it in directly, no. XML is just a file type, it's the format inside that matters. For example, WordPress, Blogger, and Posterous are all XML, but all quite different.

    Does Storify make any claims on the export file's compatibility? Like, do they claim that you could bring it into Blogger? If so, you could use the Blogger importer for example.

  4. They CLAIM that I can use their special dohickey to import it directly to my blog. I configure it correctly. I click Import. I get a failure notice. I tried their special dohickey to import it to my Tumblr. Also failure. The raw code is javascript. I shall dig out an old Blogger blog and see if it works there, good idea.

  5. If that doesn't workout, where can I find this special dohickey?

  6. If you go to the Storify I'm trying to embed (which I created) there's a Distribute button at the very top

    (I'm so proud of that URL)

    When you click on the Distribute button (at least, if you're the Creator of the Storify) you see

    When you click on Export Story you see

    And when you put in your username and password, you get a red banner accross the top saying that the distribution failed.

  7. So, offhand it does seem like it would work. They do offer a option.

    Have you contacted them about this?

  8. No, I haven't. My usual procedure is to bitch here first until someone smarter than me figures out a workaround. I'm wondering if it's related to the custom domain. But now I'll go bitch over there.

  9. It could be the custom domain. I can definitely say that the hiccup appears to be on their end though, since it seems to just connect and publish a post via XML-RPC.

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