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Imported blog: Scandinacian characters fail

  1. I imported my blog from Posterous. All the Scandinavian characters (å, ä, ö) have turned to question marks in all headlines and in some of the blog texts (but not in all of them, strangely enough). Changing the text encoding in my browser did not help. Posterous never had any problems with these characters.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see that your import has gone wrong. Not only have your Scandinavian characters been lost but paragraph markers are showing as <p>. I have flagged this for staff attention.

  3. Hi,

    German Umlauts have the same problem. I think this is a bug at posterous, because the characters are already wrong in the wordpress_export_1.xml

  4. Maybe the staff can liaise with posterous to sort this out

  5. Thanks for the help! That would be really awesome :-)

  6. Hi all, our team here at is aware of the issue with some character sets becoming corrupted when importing from Posterous. As many of you have noticed, this issue is already present in the XML backup file generated by Posterous. Our developers have already reached out to Posterous, but we don't have any information or timeline for the fix.

  7. Posterous has let us know that the issue with some character sets being corrupted in the export file should now be fixed. You'll need to re-download your Posterous export file and try the import again.

    Just let me know if anyone would like us to empty out your site before you try your import again. This will delete all pages, posts, comments, images and other uploaded files, as well as categories and tags. It's not reversible. If you'd like us to empty your site, please confirm here and provide the address.

    Otherwise, you can empty your site manually.

  8. Hi there - I wanted to check in to see if you still needed any help with this. After their initial fix for accented characters didn't work consistently, Posterous made another tweak to their exporter over the weekend. You would need to generate a new export from your Posterous site. We suggest you have a look at the file first to make sure the accented characters look OK. Just let me know if you have any trouble with the import into, and if you'd like us to fully empty out your WordPress site - as I explained in the previous post - just say the word. Thanks!

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