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    I’ve had this blog up and running for about a year. Just a couple weeks ago I started a retail website built on a template and hosted by Hostgator. I originally thought I wanted my blog redirected to the website, so I did a redirect on the blog and exported the content from the blog to the website. I now want the blog back in it’s original format, so I went to Hostgator, cancelled the redirect, and then went to the blog and imported the content back. I received an email saying the import was successful, but when I go to my blog, no content at all shows up. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are the blog posts visible under your Dashboard->Posts menu? If not, you may have to re-import. How big is the import file?

    Just to confirm: you exported from your Hostgator blog and then went to your dashboard here and Imported that file?


    Yes, the blog posts are visible in my blog dashboard, so I’m assuming the import worked fine.

    No, I did not export from Hostgator. I had exported the blog a few weeks ago from my blog, and had the XML export file on my computer. I went to my wordpress blog and imported the XML file from my computer.


    Okay – here’s a little more info on my problem:

    If I go to and enter my username and password, then it take me to my dashboard, where I can see all of my pages and posts for my blog. At that point, the url is My profile looks correct, with all my correct information.

    At that point, if I click on my blog’s name in the top left-hand corner of the black bar at the top, it takes me to my blog, where no content is visible – just looks like a blank wordpress template. If I click on my profile in the top right of the black bar there, it’s different the my profile is at

    I don’t know what’s going on – any help would be appreciated!



    Well that IS odd: they’re both coming up for me, and they are both the same blog, but the images in the posts are all blank. I’m afraid I’m out of ideas and think you need to contact staff tomorrow via your dashboard Help button.


    I’ll do that – thanks for your help!




    I recently noticed that my uploaded images are not fully displayed! Can anyone can tell me what’s the cause of the problem and the solution ?
    My Blog is:

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