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Imported files not showing

  1. I imported one file to my blog, after some time I got a mail saying that your import was successful. But I didn't find any new post on my dashboard. How to solve this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What kind of file did you import? Media files are not posts. Those will show in your Media Library.

  3. not media files. Just .txt file. That one was posted in one of my blog long back. Very soon is going to shutdown. So they sent the total content in .txt format and suggested to import the content on wordpress blog. I did that thing.

  4. "I did that thing" doesn't tell me anything. I think you need some staff assistance, since text files are not a normal import format, and I'll flag this for staff attention.

  5. What kind of blogging platform were you importing from?

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