Imported my blog from Typepad, if I cancel my blog there…?

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    If I cancel my blog with Typepad, will all of my pictures on my new wordpress blog that were imported from Typepad disappear?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I don’t know anything about this process!!



    Go out of your dashboard and look at your blog from the outside, as it were. Right-click (or control-click for Macs) on your blog pics and look at the file’s path. If it’s still showing up as being hosted on Typepad, then probably yes, they’ll go bye-bye. If they’re showing up as, or whatever, then they’re OK.


    They show up as Typepad…wow that will be a lot of work to redo all my pictures.
    Thanks for the fast response, I appreciate it!



    Honest answer would be to ask them directly. I would probably say yes as they do disappear from here if you delete the account.


    All of my posts will stay though right?



    The posts will stay here because unlike your images they are not “hotlinked” to typepad’s servers. They are on wordpress’s servers. Until or unless you upload the images to wordpress’s servers they could disappear.


    Thanks timetheif and DrMike, I appreciate the help!

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