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Imported WordPress Blog Posts Not Found

  1. I have recently imported a file to my WordPress Blog (I used used Movable Type and TypePad) because somehow my XML import earlier didn't amount to anything. So anyway with this new format, I went to my 'Posts' and saw that I had 800 posts imported (under the 'All' tab) but yet no posts were showing up.

    Has anyone encountered this issue as well?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Alternatively I was looking at the option emptying the site content and was directed to support again. Can anyone out there help me with this? Just wipe my posts from backend, I don't really want to keep any of it.

    Please, and thank you!

  3. Spamming my thread but apparently I found out all imported posts are filled under 'Pending Review' and I don't have access to that tab. Alternatively can someone help me swap them all to drafts back end or is wiping all the posts quicker? Thank you!

  4. Okay. No... the pending review thing doesn't help :( Sorry for the spam, if someone could be kind enough to wipe out the posts somehow, backend, that would be fab. Thank you

  5. You can go to the dashboard Posts page and use the bulk editor to publish them. Select All, Bulk Action: Publish. Or Delete, whichever you prefer.

  6. No, actually that's the funny thing. The posts don't show up under there. So I have nothing to 'check'. But yet the number still says I have 800 plus posts.

    It's almost like I want to delete but there is nothing to delete from the dashboard.

  7. Hi there!

    Just to be clear -- is this the blog you wanted to empty? --

    Let me know so I can help you with your request. Thanks!

  8. Hi Druesome, yes that's the site! It'll be great if you could wipe only the posts portion. Is that possible?

  9. I do see the strangeness that occurred in your last import. Would you like me to give the import another try? I'd be glad to help you out. Let me know!

  10. Hi Druesome! Sure thing, I would certainly love to give the import one more try because it's best if I manage to salvage some of the imported content. Thank you so, so much!

    If it's of any help, I think the problem lies with the import not having a 'status'. Probably because my earlier platform doesn't have that. So now these posts aren't showing up because they are neither drafts nor published. Hope this helps some!

  11. Hey there! Ok, before I attempt another import, I would have to start from a clean slate. Would it be ok to empty your blog of its contents?

  12. Hi Druesome! By contents would you mean post only? Or the whole site? And approximately how long would that take?

    Sorry for the questions! Just want to know so I can respond to getting the site back up once it's all done! Thank you again! :)

  13. Hey, I meant emptying the entire site. Would that be alright?

  14. Hi Druesome, okay yeap sure... Go ahead! I've backed up what I need to so go do your thing! Just let me know once it's done! Thank you again! :)

  15. p.s. sorry for this stupid question but emptying the site wouldn't affect the following I have established already, yeah?

  16. No, it shouldn't. Let me know if you'd still like to proceed with it. :)

  17. Hi Druesome,

    Yes please proceed! I've backed up what I need so you can go ahead and do what you have to do, thank you!

  18. Hi there!

    I've gone ahead and processed the import for you, and looks like it was a success this time. :) The last post imported is dated 2014/07/29 but I believe you've made a few more posts after that date. Feel free to publish them again from the backup that you have.

    Can you kindly visit your admin panel to check if everything's accounted for? Thanks!

  19. Hello Druesome,

    Wow thank you!! Everything seems to be fine and the last posted date (from import) is right. Thank you so so much for helping with this! :)

    Cheers, Sara

  20. Nice, you're welcome! :)

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