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Imported XML -- where is everything??

  1. I followed everything to the letter as far as importing another Word Press blog into my new, personal blog -- via XML -- and everything seemed fine. It was under the size limit, and all seemed well. I even got the "Have fun!" message after it was confirmed everything loaded. So where the heck are all my categories, posts, photos and other material? I still just see the generic "hello world" post and that's it. What am I missing?? Please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help without links to both of the blogs.

  3. My new blog is

    The blog i want to move stuff over from is

  4. Most likely it is due to the fact that is running wordpress 2.2, which is a very old version and most likely not compatible with the version of wordpress MU that is used here, which equates loosely to 2.7.

    My suggestion would be to contact staff here directly at and give them the URL's of both blogs, and that the old blog is running wordpress version 2.2.

    Also, what will be imported will be posts, pages, comments, categories, tags (except your version doesn't support tags). Your links can be imported directly via the OPML file for your current blog ( ).

    Anything you have in text widgets will have to be transferred manually by copy and paste (do note that certain types of code is not allowed here due to security concerns ( )). Also, the export will NOT include images., those will have to be transferred manually, and since the images will end up with different URL's when you upload them, you will have to correct all the links in the posts and pages manually.

  5. I forgot to mention in paragraph 2, that to be able to import the stuff from the old blog, you might have to update the wordpress 2.2 to 2.7, and that may actually take a couple of interim steps (2.3 > 2.5 > 2.6 > 2.7).

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