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Importer is not available since one day

  1. I imported some content into my blog, however it still says we will contact you once importing is done, since almost 24 hours. i am not able to import more content into the blog. also some of my imported content is missing (posts, comments)
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. Where were you importing from?

  4. I'm importing from my hosted WordPress installation at Its got 292 posts but I got only 185. From 2006 until 2008. 2009 to 2012 are missing.

  5. I have reset your importer. Please try again, it won't duplicate existing posts, and may pick up what it missed.

  6. ok i ve deleted all the posts and comments and reuploaded the latest export file. i see no posts at all and the importer also did not get completed even after almost an hour. please help me. in case you need to know where the overall XML is, this is the path for the same : [removed]

  7. Your old posts are still in the Trash sub-section (of the the Posts section in your Dashboard). These are counted as existing and will therefore not be duplicated.

    I have reset your imported, so please empty the Trash and try again.

    Also, please wait the stated 24 hours for the import to complete.

  8. mac, i ve removed everything from trash. so now essentially 0 posts. with this i ve imported the said file. i will intimate after 24 hrs. my expectation is that it wont import. lets wait and watch.

  9. ok mac, its 24 hours now, i ve not got a mail from the importer yet, and neither are my posts imported. just as i had expected it to be. any help further please?

  10. I have reset your importer again. How large is the file you're trying to import?

  11. its 4.8 MB, and i have also provided the link earlier to the file itself. you can download it and see for yourself. meanwhile i've tried to import again now, please let me know if it went through after say an hour or two. thanks!

  12. I won't know for about 24 hours. It's not necessarily about how long it takes to process the file, it's more about waiting in line for the next turn at the importer.

  13. mac, thanks for your explanation. however I feel many other people are also facing the issue of unable to import all posts properly. also this is a one time operation for people wanting to move into, please can you assist so that the import is done successfully?

    thanks a lot in advance for your help.

  14. I can, but we won't know if it's successful or not until 24 hours has passed.

  15. hi mac,

    after 24 hrs still there is no sign of an import happening. i m now tending towards losing faith in this importer itself. since self hosted wordpress was getting to be a bit cumbersome, i wanted to move back to and point my domain there as well. looks like thats now a long way off. is there a way i can email you the export file and you can import it for me yourself? that would atleast avoid the situation of waiting 24 hrs each time :)

    let me know mac.

  16. I sent an email requesting the export file. When you can, please feel free to reply with the file attached, and we'll continue via email.

  17. Mac, thanks for your best efforts, i've sent the file you requested in zip format.

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