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importeren, and he is `still processing` for a WEEK

  1. marjoleintjevanhetpleintje

    I import my old web-log to my new wordpresslog ( and now he is still processing for a WEEK.
    What is going wrong ?
    My first answer to the community had no answer :-(
    Is someone speaks Dutch, my english is bad.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I've deleted the job for your import. Please try once more and let us know if it fails again. Thanks!

  3. marjoleintjevanhetpleintje

    Thanks, I try the import again and cross my fingers :-)

  4. Great, thanks!

  5. marjoleintjevanhetpleintje

    IT WORKS !!!!!
    You are my hero :-)
    Thanks a lot
    A greatfull,

  6. Hi. It looks like there may be an issue with importing files from your blog. We'll need to fix this on our end. Once you've confirmed that the import has finished importing all of your posts, please reply here to let us know, and we'll work on importing all of the images that failed. Thanks.

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