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Import/Export question

  1. Does anyone have any idea why the export feature at a secondary blog would have disappeared? Can you only export once? What gives? I'm also not an admin at the secondary blog, so does that matter at all, when trying to export my own posts more than once? I've been trying to move some content: posts, comments, etc. from a secondary (slightly defunct) blog that I contributed to, onto my personal blog. I tried uploading the export file twice (some weeks apart) after saving it to my pc and neither time worked. None of the export blog posts ever showed up at my main blog. Now I'm just frustrated cause now I can't export at all, (the option no longer shows under "tools" on the secondary blog).

    On top of which, I got annoyed with trying to so it earlier and deleted the former file altogether--cause it obviously wasn't right anyway. After the export, all that happened were duplicates of some posts already at my main blog started popping up, still, with none of the errant export posts showing up anywhere. Does anyone have any help, insight or suggestions into all of this? I did contact someone from support after all that and he asked me to send him the original file export--which I did. He imported it, confirming at the same time that the file was technically sound. Import blog-posts STILL did not show. I didn't really want to keep wrangling with it with him, as I am sure that he has oodles of other things to do as well, so I told him thanks for his help so far and I'd try to figure it out somehow elsewhere. So if anyone can shed any light, I'd be ever so appreciative!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's easier to help you if you give us the exact URL of the blog you're talking about.

  3. ok i'm trying to move all the posts by soyluv (me) from here: located at the trinidad juntcion blog:

    and import them here: (my blog)

  4. Are you sure that you are on the blog dashboard for the blog in question? I ask because the of the "Tools" are not displaying then that's an indication you are on the global dashboard instead. Please go to the top left hand corner of your navigation bar and locate "My Account". It's a dropdown menu so hover and then click "My Blogs". When you do that you will be able to click into the blog(s) dashboard. Then you will have Tools and can do the export and import.

    If you find you do not have as many features as you want then on the Admin side of your blog look at the top right hand corner. Click "Screen Options" and you will be able to configure your dashbaord.

  5. Thank-you. When I did that, I can't tell if it's exporting the right info because it's superimposed against my current blog and NOT the blog I want to export from trinidadjunction so I didn't actually try it again. I'm worried about losing my current blog info. Additionally, someone from wordpress wrote me today and said I had to be an admin at my export blog in order to export my posts from there. Which I am not, so I guess that explains it, I am stuck on how to export those posts since the blog owner (and admin) hasn't gotten back to me about the login info, although I've e-mailed her on it before. *sigh* And even then--WOULD I be able export my own posts if I logged in as her? I'm so confused.

  6. I'm sorry but I can't help any further with this. If one needs to be an Admin in order to export there's simply nothing I can do for you. Perhaps Staff can give you some advice

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