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import/export wordpress blogs

  1. i have been reading the forums on this and i am still confused because i am new at this stuff--so pardon my ignorance.

    I have a WordPress blog that i would like to combine to another WordPress blog. The new one has a RSS importer thing--but the old one does not but I have the ability to backup my files in SQL on the old one. I really don't know what to do or how to make my old files import in RSS form.

    Can someone help?

  2. Um, are we talking about a wordpress blog here hosted at or elsewhere?

    If you're elsewhere, and I'm thinking you are since you mention RSS and SQL, then you need to be at as you're running different software than we are here at

    You can find a FAQ on the subject here. That also does include a link to the plugin you would need if you are hosted elsewhere so you might want to read that anyway.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Okay-- I have a that is part of WordPress that I would like to transfer to my blog. My blog has the new import/export option to import/export wordpress but my other blog has no option to export out--only backup. I hope this makes sense.


  4. by the way--the technosailor dude link does not work-- i have downloaded it a couple times (thinking it might be me) and when I try to extract the zip file to upload as plug-in on old blog--it won't extract-- says nothing is there to extract.

  5. 1) Just for reference, the 'www' bit replaces the 'example' bit in your URL. They shouldn't coexist. if you make links like that, about 30% of the internet won't be able to follow the link.

    2) See the FAQ link that I gave. There's a plugin there that will produce a *.xml file that can be imported here at You can see what formats the blogs can import at Dashboard -> Manage -> Import. We're running a form of the 2.1 Alpha code here so some things are different than what you're used to.

    Hope this helps,

  6. like i said-- i have read all the FAQ's posted and forums on this topic and am still having problems. Yes, the other blog is through your .org and my new one is through your .com -- i can't seem to get the plug in for the .org site that will enable me to export my blog out of there and import it to my new blog here.

    i hate circles

  7. You will note that I was typing my response while you were doing yours. The circle was not intended. Also please note that I am a volenteer here and am trying to help you. And, no you don't mention the plugin, just the SQL and RSS. That's why I did direct you to the plugin. :)

    I noted that the download is corrupt. I'll drop the author an email and let him know about the issue.

    Hope this helps,

  8. :( sorry

  9. I just opened the zip okay here. If you drop me an email, I can send you the files directly.

  10. Thanks Aaron :)

    We'll get it worked out. :)

  11. okay, thank you both for helping me out (i will learn this blog stuff yet)-- i just sent you an email request

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