Importing a blog bug?

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    I’m trying to import my tumblr blog – but it seems to have bugged out and gotten stuck. It’s in a continuous loop of telling me that there’s already something queued even when i went so far as to unlink my tumblr entirely, then re-link it. Anyone else experiencing this or have some insight as to how to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello –

    I’ve reset the Tumblr importer for your site so you can try again.

    If it seems to take long, please be patient and don’t try cancelling the process yourself – we’re experiencing a high volume of imports from Tumblr at the moment causing a backlog of pending imports in our system. The imports are being run in the order they are submitted.

    If the new import doesn’t complete within 24 hours, please let us know.


    Thank you so much! I appreciate it, and I’ll shout if it doesn’t in that timeframe. Y’all keep up the great work, I know myself and all the other tumblr users rushing to back our blogs up really appreciate it! <3


    Hey again – My other blog is now not working. It’s been over 24 hours by now, could I get a reset on the importer? The blog is



    Hi there,

    I’ve double checked to confirm your import is still queued and it doesn’t need to be reset. But please do reconnect to your Tumblr account if you’ve disconnected it, as that could be preventing it from starting.

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