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Importing a blog from Dreamwidth to WordPress

  1. inpariswithyou

    Simple question: Is there any way to import a blog I have at Dreamwidth to WordPress? Dreamwidth uses the LiveJournal API, I believe, but that doesn't seem to help me much at this point.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried using the LiveJournal importer at tools > import to see what happens?

  3. inpariswithyou

    Well, no, but that's because that import utility points directly at LiveJournal... and the Dreamwidth blog runs with Livejournal coding and all that, but it's not at so that import utility won't be able to find the Dreamwidth blog I want to import.

  4. Ah, ok. Does the Dreamwidth site have any sort of "export" feature for your content?

  5. inpariswithyou

    Let's see... I think I can export to XML, maybe? Or CSV? But I have to do it month-by-month, and for a three-year journal, that could get tiring... but I'd do it if I can. I wonder if that's the only way... and if it'll import comments, too. Is there a way to import XML or CSV into WordPress?

  6. I believe that XML works. I used a little app that exported my LJ content and then used that to import to WordPress, but it was a couple years ago, and I know that importing/exporting has changed -- however, I'm pretty sure the app works for Dreamwidth as well as for LiveJournal, since it works with LJ clones:

  7. And using the app, you don't have to do only a few months at a time -- it will copy your entire blog.

  8. Oh, and it also imported the comments. It did a pretty good job.

  9. inpariswithyou

    Oh, I've used ljArchive for years!

    How do I import the XML file to WordPress, though, once I have it? There doesn't seem to be an option in Tools > Import for a simple XML file... it's all other blog services, etc.

  10. I think that when I did it, there was an option to import via XML, but it doesn't seem to be there any longer (as I'm sure you've noticed!), so I'm not sure what to say. Maybe the best thing is to contact support when they reopen on Monday & tell them your predicament. (The Livejournal import option wouldn't work since it's dependent on the LJ API, and each API is unique.)

    If I have a brainstorm in the meantime, I'll post it here.

  11. Since on this page they speak of XML files (calling them both XML & WXR files), you could try to use the WordPress import option. I can't imagine that anything "bad" could happen -- the worst I can think is that the import would fail.

  12. @thesacredpath -- do you know whether the above will/should work?

  13. @inparis: I tried using the wordpress import option, but it does expect a file with a different extension from xml. I think that you will have to contact support & see whether they can help you import using an xml file. It used to be possible, and easy, to do that. It's a pity they've removed that option from the Import tool. (Of course, there may be a way to do it that I've just not been able to see.)

  14. Staff will be able to do this, but they may be back on Tuesday, since Monday's a holiday in many places.

  15. It's frustrating, since when poking around the various importers on tools, I found this:

    Note: if you have used a third party service to export your 360 content into an XML file, use the WordPress importer.

    which leads to the wordpress importer. Unfortunately, the wordpress importer no longer handles xml files and requires a wxr file.

  16. inpariswithyou

    Thanks for your help, everyone. I'll try to get in touch with the support staff on Monday or Tuesday to see if they can help me. I really hope they can; I'd love to be able to use WordPress. I was playing around with it last night and it really does seem awesome.

    Thanks again! If I find anything out, I'll post to this thread so anyone else who happens to have this problem can utilize what I've learned.

  17. Oddly, when I exported my blog, it created an xml file, which I then imported to my test blog. I don't know why it won't accept other xml files, although perhaps it's either some missing tags/code at the beginning of the xml file or the fact that there have been some server issues today.

  18. For future reference (I see support refused to help and you ended up copy/pasting) what I'd probably do is download a legacy copy of WordPress 2.6 (that's the last version with the old-style LJ importer, apparently) from the release archive, do a local install, import the Dreamwidth XML with the livejournal import option, and then export the posts as a WXR file.

    Or you could open up a Dreamwidth export file in a text editor, compare it with a export file and convert it to WXR manually (they're both fairly standard xml, but I seem to remember that WXR has a lot more header text than LJ exports).

  19. I wonder if she(?) could have exported her dreamwidth blog to LJ and then used the LJ import tool on the tools page to import the blog from LJ.

  20. LJ doesn't accept import files, but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to crosspost the whole journal with ljArchive... so yes, that's much better than my two solutions. Though it does depend on LJ not being down.

  21. Yes, I think that using ljarchive to upload to LJ might have worked. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Guess I was looking to closely for a solution to the problem.

  22. inpariswithyou

    Wait, you can use ljArchive to crosspost back to LiveJournal? Interesting...

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