Importing a Dreamwidth journal via XML

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    I have maintained a blog at Dreamwidth, which uses something similar to LiveJournal API (I think), for a few years. I’d really like to move to WordPress, but I want to take my blog with me. I have managed to export the entire thing, including comments, to an XML file (via a program called ljArchive). Is there any way I can import this XML file to my WordPress blog? I checked Tools > Import, but I had no luck.

    I opened a thread in the forums about this topic, too. Somebody said that you’d be able to help me. You can view the thread here:
    Blog url:



    Unfortunately, we can’t support that format. Does your blog have an RSS feed, and can you set it to display all of your posts? If so, we may be able to manually create an import.


    It seems I do have an RSS feed of my Dreamwidth journal:

    But it doesn’t seem to go the whole way back… and I’m not sure that there’s a way to change it so it does. Bollocks!

    There’s no other way to import the journal, then?



    Unfortunately, not if you can’t get the feed to include everything. You might want to contact their support department just to be sure.


    I have contacted their support department, but they haven’t written back to me yet. One of their FAQs, however, says that “Feeds on Dreamwidth only show entries from the last 14 days.”

    Do you know if there’s any plan to allow importing of Dreamwidth journals, either via the Tools > Import interface or via XML, in the near future? Somebody told me XML was once an option, and I’m sad to see that it’s not now. Why the change?



    Well, XML is an option for a variety of blogging services. The only thing is, XML is just a format, like HTML.

    Pretty much every blogging service offers an XML export, but the files are all structured differently, so we would still need an importer specific to Dreamwidth.

    At this time, there are no plans for such an importer.


    My old Dreamwidth blog only has about 80 or so posts, so I’ve decided to go ahead and import them manually to WordPress.

    I do think, however, that you guys should add on the To-Do list more options for importing from various sites. I’m sure it would entail a lot of work, but it would also allow more people to move over to your sites easily. Something to think about!



    Definitely something to think about, and I have passed that on to the team.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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