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    hey guys,
    i want to make a website which basically only revolves around a calendar with events in it, to show every class going on every day at my university. I’m trying to do my fellow students a service by giving them some freedom to freely arrange their schedule, e.g to be able to go to a same class later on in the day if your schedule allocates it at 8am.

    This is probably a dumb question: how do i import widgets found online into the site??? i cant find anything online, and although im not mentally impaired i cant find any obvious reference to importing widgets.

    This is the widget I’m trying to import, its just a zip file:

    The blog I need help with is



    Starting with http:// what is the URL for the blog you want to import these widgets into please?



    Most calendar and scheduling widgets/plugins would require javascript to function, and javascript is not allowed here at wordpress.COM for security reasons.

    Probably what you are going to have to do is to either link to it from the blog, or simply set up something directly at google.


    The other choice would be to pay for a domain name and hosting and install the wordpress.ORG software where you would be able to use the code and/or plugin.



    hey, thanks for your quick reply!
    I’ve already registered a .de domain name for it.

    I was trying to go with wordpress to avoid hosting costs, as the website is just meant to help out my friends and others students at my uni and wont make me any money.

    can you recommend any other way of doing it? All I want is a single page with a calendar on it, preferably with a “day” viewing option..


    Any sort of interactive calendar (click on a day sort of thing) would require scripting and that simply isn’t allowed here.

    You could host a calendar somewhere else and then link to it.



    You can have a Google Calendar, like I do, and put the feed of it in your sidebar. Since classes don’t change much, make a post or Page for each class, and just put the RSS feed of the Gcal in the sidebar. You can see how it works at




    Is there any other service or way you could recommend?


    thanks for your reply! the issue I’m facing is that the classes are indeed different every week. I was going to try to have all the classes on one calendar (its just for my semester, encompassing about 250 students). Are you suggesting that I have a different page with a different calendar for each class? I suppose that could work…

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