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Importing a wordpress .xml export doesn't update links into pages

  1. Hello,
    When I import a wordpress .xml , media links those are into pages are not updated to link into blog.
    More :
    When you import a blog, media links those are into articles are updated with addresses. But media links into pages are not updated with addresses.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    If I understand correctly, you are saying that images in posts that were imported are updated correctly, but images in pages that were imported are not updated?

    Is the blog you are talking about ?

    Can you link to a specific page where this is occurring? I've viewed several pages on your site and all of them are displaying images.

    I did see one that uses a shortcode [wp-timeline]. This looks like it was imported from a site that had a timeline plugin installed. This functionality is not available on

  3. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Also, if it helps, I noticed that your primary language is French. I just wanted to make sure you are aware that there are French support forums as well:

    Français (French):

  4. Hello,

    On y master blog, there are links on this page . These links (mainly .pdf) use media library and their href adresses use .

    After importing on, page always uses so it's a bad import.

    If you see a post like , you can verify that links are good href adresse with so it's a good import.

    Thanks so much.

  5. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Hi there. You will need to manually update the addresses for those links, because they are links inside of a page. Importing doesn’t modify the content of pages and posts.

  6. :)

    " Importing doesn’t modify the content of ... posts."

    Importing modify links those are in my posts.
    it switches

    But it doesn't done the same thing for pages ...


  7. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    It depends on how the media is inserted. If you clicked the "Add Media" button when inserting an image, audio file, etc. the WordPress import "knows" to update the filenames.

    If you manually enter the address of an already uploaded file (in a link, for example). WordPress doesn't know to update the file location.

  8. Hi,

    I have clicked "Add Media" ... however I have used the "Media Library".
    The only thing is that I have added a title attribute to the link tag ... ?

    Could you explain to us how "wordpress import" knows the difference (by is href, by an attribute)?

    Thanks a lot.

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