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Importing and embedding video from

  1. Please will someone tell me what I have to do to place a video in a post? TED tell me they have a number of WordPress boggers who use embed their videos but I can't see how to add them. So far all I get is a blank screen in nthe editor and nothing on the blog. Thanks

  2. The blogs Ted is talking about are self-hosted blogs. At this time there is no way to display a video on

  3. TED must mean self-hosted bloggers with WordPress software, as we cannot embed here. Flash, javascript and iframes are stripped for security reasons. Here's information about what we can use:

  4. /nod to tsp - whoops! didn't see you!

  5. Thanks. I guessed that might be the case. Its pretty annoying. I'll have the weigh up the pros and cons of hosting elsewhere I guess.

  6. Pretty much all of the TED videos are on YouTube; I've posted one or two myself!

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