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    I’m migrating my blog from my own domain ( to the free, but I’m facing a problem with the images. When migrating from to, there is the option “import attachments” in the wordpress-file import interface.

    But this is not my case. I’m doing the other way: migrating from to the free! And in the interface, the is NOT an “import attachments” checkbox or anything like this (there is only options to map authors).

    So… should I understand that it is not possible to automatic migrate my images from my to the free


    The blog I need help with is



    And for not having “import attachments” option, I get a “skipping attachment” message for each single image during the import process.

    The post are OK, but all images point to the previous blog.


    No, images will have to be moved over manually and we do not have FTP access here so when you upload the images here, they will end up with different URL’s which means you will have to edit each post or page that has an image and correct the URL’s. If the images had been hosted on a third-party site such as flickr then there would be no need to change the URL’s or worry about the transfer.

    The only way that you would not have to correct the URL’s is if you left the images on the other site and then they would hotlink from here.

    Sorry, I know that is not what you were looking for in an answer. The same issue occurs when moving from here to a .ORG blog installation. Images have to be manually moved over and then the links in the post and pages need to be corrected.


    WordPress/Automattic really needs to come up with something to fix this issue.



    I’m currently in the process of moving my blog from to a personally hosted blog.

    I bought the domain upgrade thinking that it should ease up the process of migrating. I was not aware that other problems (such as manually copying the attachments one by one) exist when moving the blog.

    I also hope that this issue gets resolved soon.



    It looks like my problem is the opposite, I’m moving from to a self hosted site.

    The Import Attachments option is there but it does not currently work and I get a 301 moved permanently error.

    The problem is similar to that described here:



    When migrating from to, there is the option “import attachments” in the wordpress-file import interface.



    Thanks raincoaster for the suggestion. It looks like my update post beat you to it by a few seconds. :)

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