Importing blog content from Typepad to specific category on blog

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    I have searched through the “importing” topic and have not found my answer. I apologize if this has been addressed already.

    I had closed down my solo blog at Typepad, and started a group blog here at What I would like to do is import my 3+ years of posts to a specific category (to be created and added) on the blog. Is there anyway of doing this using the import tool under manage or do I need to do this by hand?



    Having searched through the forum and FAQ posts I can’t find a definitive answer for you I’m afraid.

    Does typepad allow you to categorise posts?

    Perhaps you could create a second (private) blog with a random name and try the import to that to see what happens?

    I *suspect* that it will put it in a single category by default but can’t promise anything.

    Please post back and let us know what happens!




    Cornell, Typepad does categorize posts. While importing these posts to wp, wp creates the new category (if you don’t already have the same).

    I was hoping to create a “soloblogarchive” category and place all the old posts there. But, that’s okay…I’ll deal with it.

    I did not think of creating a second blog before importing to the group blog. Something to remember in the future.



    You can set your default category to soloblogarchive and see if it works retroactively. Do that on your Options page. Let us know if it works.



    Raincoaster, some of my categories were the same on the solo-blog, and during the import those posts automatically integrated with the WP posts of the same category. For the most part, the categories weren’t all written the same (differences like using & or and), and those categories were easy enough to edit as sub-categories of Soloblogarchives after the import.

    All in all, not too much cleaning up — but there is some dusting along the shelves to do. Thanks for the ideas.

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