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    I got an email from WordPress that my import of a blog (Movable Type and TypePad) was successful, but my blog still has just the “Hello World” post. Would like to know what happened. Thank you for your time.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL of the blog you imported into?


    Hi auxclass,

    The URL was

    The text file I used had posts in the following format:

    TITLE: London Jobs – SAP and Lotus Notes, Fire Protection and Assessment Engineer, Media Researcher
    BASENAME: london-jobs-sap-and-lotus-notes-fire-protection-and-assessment-engineer-media-researcher
    AUTHOR: london
    DATE: 2011-12-27 19:17:00
    People First Recruitment Limited seeks a Commercial Support Leader for an international manufacturing company located in Central London. Applicants must be proficient with SAP and Lotus Notes, have an experience of working in a mechanical engineering or manufacturing environment, and must have a knowledge of how bids and contracts work. People First Recruitment Limited can be contacted at 02077963636.<BR mce_serialized=”4″><BR mce_serialized=”4″>Morson International seeks a Fire Protection and Assessment Engineer for a company at the forefront of the UK Nuclear New Build Program. The company has offices at Gloucester and London, and an applicant can choose to work at either office. An applicant must hold a good degree qualification in subjects related to fire prevention and assessment, and must have a command over the issues related to the subject. The responsibilities of the post include providing technical advice to Design Authority and NNB on all technical matters, and interacting with stakeholders from different backgrounds. The recruiters can be contacted at 01454275660.<BR mce_serialized=”4″><BR mce_serialized=”4″>An international media company based in the City Of London seeks a Media Researcher for their fast-paced and dynamic research system. Applicants can choose to work from home, in which case, they will be provided with a PC, desk, phone, and other necessities. The responsibility of a Media Researcher will be to maintain editorial contact data with specified countires and/or specified industrial sectors of the client’s global media database, and research media outlets and media intelligence. 17.5K+bens is the salary being offered for this permanent job. Spencer can be contacted at 02076536930, for further queries.



    Did the file have a .txt extension when you uploaded it?


    Yes, it did. The name of this file was london_jobs_i.php.txt. Thank you.


    wordpress is supposed to have an awesome support community – i hope some of the helpful folks will come to my aid, too :)



    Hm, the .php bit in there doesn’t seem right at all.

    Would you please try using a different browser to get the export file, like Firefox or Chrome?


    Oops, sorry – the file name was not london_jobs_i.php.txt, but That was a typo. And hence, I am still clueless :(. And thank you for your responses, macmanx.



    Ah, the .ph still doesn’t see right.

    Did you get anything different in Firefox or Chrome?


    Hi macmanx,

    I removed the .ph and tried again, it still did not work. Any thoughts?



    Removing it may not be good enough, as the file itself may be saving in the wrong format.

    Did you have any luck with Firefox or Chrome?


    Actually, I discovered that the importing was indeed happening, but the posts were getting stored as drafts, and I discovered that by accident. I had to publish each of them manually (using the edit feature). Thank you so much for your time.



    You’re welcome!

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