Importing Blog From Blogger: Freezing Up?

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    I am importing my blog from blogger ( over to WordPress ( I started the import process successfully, however when the importer told me I’d imported 100/475 posts it stopped moving. Previously it was moving at quite a clip so I assumed the function had frozen up. I decided to clear the data and restart the import process. Again, the importer started, this time only getting to 9 of 475 posts before stopping. I restarted again and imported for the third time. Again, it stopped at 9 of 475 posts.

    I went into my post manager and some of the posts had been imported three times, despite the fact wordpress said the duplicate posts would be skipped.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? The first 100 posts went in great, pictures and all. How can I get the rest of the posts on WordPress. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    PS: Sorry for putting this in questions and support, I couldn’t tell where it best fit.



    We are currently looking into an issue with the Blogger import tool, and this certainly sounds related. If you contact support, we would be happy to let you know when the problem is resolved.



    Same problem here!



    I’ve been having this problem too for the past two days now. I’ve tried everything – I originally set up a blog at but the Blogger import wouldn’t work there past 50 or so posts so I then set up a temporary blog to facilitate a transfer per the advice on these boards. I can import more that way, but it only gets about 1/6 through the comments.

    I contacted support about this yesterday, but in the meantime, I tried deleting a ton of posts on the Blogger end in the hopes that I could lighten the import load on to WordPress. It didn’t make any difference in importing more, but now I’m noticing that of the comments that do get imported, many of them are comments from “permanently deleted” Blogger posts. This part is particularly confusing because these posts no longer exist on the Blogger or WordPress end, so how is WordPress picking up those comments? According to Blogger they don’t even exist, and I have no way of viewing them on the Blogger end.

    I’m really hoping for a solution soon; I’m eager to get my WordPress blog up and running.



    Did you read the post above from bubel? They are working on it. And you need to contact support.



    Yes, I read that post, and I mentioned that I contacted support.



    Yes, well, they said they are working on it. If search the forums, you’ll find that Google changed something on their end, making the import function not work. The folks in support are keeping a list of all of the people trying to import. Once it is fixed, they will contact you.



    Thank you for your helpful feedback, vivianpaige. I did read the referenced thread in the forums and I am aware that WordPress is keeping a list. I didn’t post in this thread to complain, I posted in response to cantydo’s “Has anyone seen anything like this?” As this is a discussion forum, I figure that the more people who chime in with what they’ve tried, the better.



    I know it,.i had that problem i went to a ‘Internet Cafe and imported from there and it got finished in 3 min…..i had about 1380 posts on blogger…..i came back home and downloaded the file on my LAptop and imported it to my Orginal Web host….do that may be ur internet is slow…it helped me a lot……

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