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    I’m wanting to import my blogs from Xanga. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. The archives they’re providing aren’t in the .xml format. Is there any way I can import an RSS feed?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    You need Staff help and I have tagged this thread for their attention. Please subscribe to this thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you so much, timethief!



    You’re welcome.



    Hi there,

    It doesn’t look like there’s currently an easy way to export your Xanga content and import it into a WordPress blog (or any other blog for that matter). We’re looking into this matter and may have an update soon.


    I am having the same problem. And xanga could be shutting down in 8 days… :(


    Hi cherlyanncornelius,

    I was the originator of this post… Since the time I wrote this request, Xanga has provided a WordPress compatible format you can use to import your blog to WordPress.

    From your private homepage on Xanga, click on Settings, and then click on Weblog Archives. If you’ve never updated your archives, then click the button that says “Update your archives.” If that’s the case, then you’ll have to wait until they’re ready. Otherwise, if they’re already up to date (i.e. – up to the date of your last post), then click on The file will download to your computer. After it’s on your computer, you’ll need to click on it to open it (to get it to the XML format). At that point it’s set to import to a blog here on WordPress.

    I’m still waiting to see what happens with Xanga, but I have three blogs on Xanga. Regardless of what happens to Xanga, I wasn’t planning to keep one of those active there, but I did want to preserve a public record of it. I just imported that one to from Xanga, and it worked beautifully. (FYI: the archive did include all the private posts (which remained private) as well as the pulses (which are also marked as private — even if they were public on Xanga). All the tags carried over. The formatting is off in some places, and eventually I hope to check everything, but I was glad to have the blog copied over here.)

    You can find the import instructions here: — Just follow the instructions for WordPress.

    I’ve still not downloaded my photos, so that’s my next step! ;)

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please ask.

    ~ Karen



    Hi naphtalideer,

    Thanks so much for replying here.

    The main issue we have not yet found a solution for is that the way Xanga’s export file is created, although the images are exported, the blog posts on blog still link back to Xanga for the images (in most cases – I noticed you had a couple that are linking to the version, not sure if you did that manually).

    Although not idea, this is a workable solution for now, but if Xanga goes offline or changes the paths to the image files, all of the images on your blog will break. We’d like to find a way to keep that from happening, but so far we haven’t been able to do so.


    Hi jackiedana,

    You’re welcome. I was pretty intimidated initially at the prospect of moving a blog (much less 3 blogs, which I will end up doing in total if Xanga ends up shutting down). I do realize that having the image links going back to Xanga is major issue. As far as I know, Xanga had said they’d be keeping the image links the same IF Xanga continues –– but that’s still not really a good long-term solution.

    I did do those few fixes here manually. At first I didn’t realize all my pictures were already here, so I ended up uploading duplicates. Then I went in to another post and attached an already imported photo. Eventually, I’ll need to go through everything… but that will be a long haul, especially if I end up having to import my other two blogs.

    Thanks for looking into this. If you can figure out a better solution, that would be wonderful!


    Thank you for the information and the help! I have imported my blog from xanga, pictures and all, except for a few broken picture links. So is this all saved and still viewable if xanga shuts down in 2 weeks or would I lose all my pictures? I’m still kinda confused…
    There is a site called that says for $99 they will move it all over, pictures and all with no broken links. Is this worthy of consideration? I couldn’t find much about them out there as far as reviews or legit…




    From my testing, it looks like all of your Xanga images are moved over and reside in your Media Library, but they are not “attached” to any posts. So they’re not lost, and you can manually add them to your posts, but based on how the Xanga export file is created, we just don’t have a way to put the images into your posts automagically.

    As Rewritely is a third-party option, we cannot promise it will work with

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