Importing Blog Postings Onto Own Site

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    Hay everyone, maybe this has been covered, but I have been looking all day and can’t seem to find a fix.

    I have a blog on and I just got webhosting through GoDaddy and now and running my blog on my own website thru My problem is, I am exported the XML file from WordPress and I am trying to import it into my hosted database. However, when I do that, it imports a portion of the file and stops. Then, when I try to re-import it, nothing happens. I have tried deleting the file and re exporting it. I have gone as far as deleting the database itself and reinstalling the entire site. It seems to always stop at the same place.

    Some stats, I am running a Linix Hosted site through GoDaddy. The file is about 2.4 meg (yes, I even tried to break it up.). Is there anything I can do to get it loaded up? I even tried to import it through MyPHPAdmin, but that didn’t work either.

    Thanks for your help.



    This frequently happens when the file is too large. The stock answer is to make sure your Akismet spam file is deleted before you import, but it’s also been said you may need to break up your import into chunks. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that, but perhaps a Google search could help.


    Already tried them both, and didn’t work.

    Any other help would be appreciated please.

    Thank you.



    Maybe there’s a fix on It’s more common over there.

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