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    Okay so… I currently have a blog on blogger ( and was going to to switch to Word press… Well I went through the steps of importing and all that fun stuff… and now I’m getting “not found” under even my front page, and under recent posts, my posts that imported are there, but if you click on them, they are ‘not found’ as well…

    I can’t even post a NEW blog post FROM wordpress at this point… I’m at my ropes end of calling it quits because NOTHING I try works…

    Help please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not to worry. Please use this link to contact Staff and do understand that there is a quque and you are expected to be patient until they get to your support ticket and help you

    Also while you are here please do this
    > Dashboard > Settings > Writing Settings > Formatting
    Locate this:
    ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically

    Make sure you have selected that ^ and then click “Save Changes”.



    The reason your front page is “404” page not found is because you deleted the “Hello World” post. As sson as you publish a post that will disappear. Now in order to create a new post please follow these instructions. >
    If you wish to create static pages follow these instructions.>

    I also recommend that you bookmark the support documentation link as that is where you will find all the instructions for learning how to use software.

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