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    I imported blog contents from one blog to another, but the new blog is empty (except for tags).
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide both URLs



    I am importing FROM

    and importing TO

    Thank you so much for rapid attention–I’ve been mucking around all day and shooting myself in the foot!



    In the interest of giving you the whole story, I successfully imported once, but then deleted the posts, because I didn’t realize that the theme doesn’t import (I thought I had done it wrong). You see the kind of Luddite you’re dealing with here. So then I finally figured out how to re-create my theme and link up to my facebook page, and now I can’t re-import. I know, I know, it makes you want to slam my head in a drawer just thinking about it…


    Hi pesley,

    The importer skips posts if they still exist in the trash. Can you empty your posts trash in Posts -> All Posts, click Empty Trash, then try the import again?



    Oh my goodness, I didn’t even have to import them again–I just yanked them out of the trash! Thank you so much. I can’t believe after all my mucking you solved my issue so quickly. From fishing around on the wordpress website I was afraid no tech support could come to my rescue anymore. Many many thanks!


    Fantastic — you’re very welcome! Have a great weekend, and happy blogging! :-)


    I am trying to import into wordpress an already BLOGGERized xml file. After clickcing on the button import, it says it has been uploaded we process right away, but actually nothing happens. I imported is twice. What else I can do?



    hi there, you might be able to tell from this exchange that I understand NOTHING about any of this stuff, but here was my experience: I successfully imported, but then was thrown by the fact that it didn’t look like my old blog, so I deleted the posts. I later tried to import again, and it said it was successful, but there was nothing there. It turned out that those posts still existed in the trash. All I had to do was go to the trash and put it back. Good luck!


    Hi eletamerikaban,

    What’s the URL of your Blogger site?

    Can you try generating a new Blogger export file, then reply with the blog URL where you’re trying to import it?

    Also, would you like me to “kill” the importer so you can try it once more?


    Hi Thank you both for respond. Persley, unfortunately there is nothing in the trash.
    Bryan, the original blog is this:
    There were a program somewhere on the net with which I could Bloggerized the content. But, I could not import the actual bloggerconverted content into blogger, therefor I am trying to make a blog here at wordpress.If you think that killing the import could help, yes please, I would try it again.


    Hi eletamerikaban,

    We don’t support importing from blogs, but I’d like to take a closer look at the file you’ve exported from your site to see if I can make it work.

    I’ll send you a private email in a minute, so let’s continue the discussion there. Thanks!


    Hi, this is great, please send meg a private email to (email redacted).

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