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    I have a website that uses WordPress. I enjoy it, as it is simple to keep up to date. I also have blogs on and elsewhere. I am interested in moving one of the blogs onto my website, but I don’t want the blog on the front page, but another page. I would like to import the stuff from the other blog onto that page, but I don’t see a way of doing it without it showing up on the front page. How would I go about doing this?



    Styling the site is based upon customization of the WordPress Theme once the site content is imported. You cannot import to a specific web page on your site. It just imports as a whole and you customize what appears where within the Theme under Appearance and Settings.

    To customize the look of your site, there are some basic formats available for all WordPress Themes. You may use the “blog model” which is a default look for most WordPress Themes, featuring all the posts on the front page of the site in reverse chronological order. You need to do nothing to make that happen.

    To make the front page of your site “static” you must follow the instructions in Front Page — Support .

    Some WordPress Themes offer even more customization such as the Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme. Following the instructions for the Front Page (static), the Page you set as the Front may be changed with a Page Template that creates a distinctive front page look and feel with post content and a slider (carousel) of your sticky posts. See Twenty Eleven Theme for a full list of the features and how to use them.

    Other WordPress Themes have similar options. You will have to explore them yourself.


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