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    How does one import codes inside wordpress. I have recd an email from blogger India to put the code in either the posts or templates. I tried with the posts but failed.

    Where are the templates?



    There is no access to the template files for security reasons and most code will be stripped out if entered.



    Thanks for replying but there must be some alternative. Supposing one wanted to put a code from a directory in my case I put it in one of the posts but the blog has not appeared in their directory despite a mail from them accepting my blog.

    Everybody is keen to improve their blog traffic. WordPress is such a comprehensive platform. I am sure there must be some alternative. I understand your security concerns.


    Right now, as has been covered over and over again in these forums, you cannot edit your templates. Because the nature of the MU version of WordPress, editing templates is a HUGE security risk. It’s one of the shortcomings, in my opinion, of, but I’m willing to take that payoff.

    Meanwhile, could you provide us some more details as to what you are trying to add to your blog? Is it just a link for each post or is there more code involved?



    Thanks a million for such a prompt response, talkingbase.

    This is what I recd from blogstreet india” border=0 />

    Where do you put this in wordpress? I put it in one of the posts but nothing happened. Both my blogs have got accepted at two Indian directories and both want their html codes put in wordpress. In blogger, I used to put it in template.

    I am not so familiar with these things but there is one site where I saw the Indianbloggers logo at the bottom. Since that person also claims to use wordpress, how did he manage? Perhaps he is using the downloaded version of wordpress but what about the rest of us who are not so savvy. WordPress is too well thought out not to cater to basic issues(blog traffic in this case) as I said earlier.

    Describing it as “one of the limitations” of such a fantastic platform is a little disspointing and hard to accept.

    Thanks in advance.


    Ah, now I see what you want to do. And you certainly can do that.

    You want to put that image in your blogroll in effect.

    Go to Dashboard>>>Links>>>Add Link

    Put in the pertinent information in the top field.

    Then scroll down the page to the area that says “advanced.”

    In the field marked Image URl, put in the web address for the image you posted just there. And then click Add Link.


    Go to Link Categories, and make sure your blogroll category in which you want that image to appear has Images toggled. To do that, edit that category and make sure the box marked Image is selected.

    Let me know if you need more help. However, I won’t be checking these forums for another 8 or 9 hours.



    Thanks a lot, talkingbase. You are really helpful.

    As stated by you I created a new link category called Blog directory and put the image on.

    Then I created a new link-inserted in the URL and in the image URL I put this

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    The image does not appear on site. In the image URL only <script type= remains. I tried thrice.

    I don’t know what to make of this because the same procedure succeeded with blogstreetindia. Kindly tell me where I am going wrong. Thank you


    Well, you are trying to put a script in the image URL field and that won’t work. You can only put images there. will parse out the script language.



    I am new to all this. Can you give me an example of an image url please.


    You cannot have the <script> tag in your Image URL. An image URL is simply where to find the image. No tags.



    Actually you can place other URL’s within the image box besides graphics. The Sitemeter work around does this. We use an ASP URL for the image on that.

    The problem is currently all SCRIPT text is removed from any input that users try to insert into the database. This is done for security reasons.

    hirenshah, an image URL is like the http line you find in your browser but, instead of pointing to a page, it points to a graphic like a *.gif or *.png. For example:

    Points to a banner for one of the games I serve up on my server.

    /me looks around for an admin and whissles for a few seconds. Hmm, seems quiet…

    Try putting the “” bit without the quotes in your image URL and see if that works. Haven’t tried it.

    Hope this helps,


    The bit hirenshah’s trying to use looks something like an aff id. So it may not work for that reason too….



    I think it’s actually the incoming links bit from over at Technorati.

    Good catch though. Wasn’t even thinking about it.

    <rant>Even though it is Technorati…</rant>


    Heh. Yeah….



    I haven’t tried it. Someone take a shot at it please. I’m guessing that you’ll have to at the very least turn on images for the link category you’ll put it under.




    Thanks a lot, everybody. Today I tried another Indian blogging directory. What happened was that all the archives, links ,blogroll etc which is normally displayed on the right of the posts get shifted to the bottom on the posts on the left when you view the site after configuring. This is strange. I want the default setting-everything on the right.

    That apart, I tried to place this code <img src=”″ alt=”Personal Blogs by Indian Bloggers” style=”border:0px;” />

    and again the image did not display. If this is not an image code as drmike has pointed out, should I put it in some other category? I am new to all this so I don’t know. Please don’t mind. Thanks in advance.


    You cannot use an img src code if it’s not an image. Just use the URL and no the img src thing. Then let us know if that works.



    I logged in as mypyp by mistake.

    Thanks talking base. I inserted the code in the normal url but it shows the normal link text and if you click it, nothing happens thereafter. If the above is not an image link, I don’t know what it is. In blogger we used to put all of it in templates and it worked.
    If I put the image off, my other directory blogstreet which is appearing correctly does not appear.
    Your systems are easier normally. This seems somewhat complex. Let me know if anything else is possible. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

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