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    This is not a question, but a solution to a question I had. I use to manage my bookmarks. I wanted to import them as links into my sidebar, and I could not figure out how to do it. does not export OPML, and apparently WordPress does not import RSS. So, I needed a script that would convert RSS to OPML. I found one, but it was designed to create OPML for podcasts, and that did not work for WordPress. I tweaked it, and it works now. If anyone wants the script, you can find it at my blog NeoArch



    Great man, nice find! And before I forget, Matt should add it to and Mike to teh sticky as well!



    teh sticky

    You’re beginning to type like me. :)

    I’d add it but it’s a PHP script. That’s not something most people are going to be able to run. (Unless I’m missing something here.)





    That’s true. Probably most people are not. I have access to some server space, plus I have EasyPHP running on my computer. Most people using have neither.

    Perhaps I will set up a form on my server space where people can enter the their username and category as variables and it will generate the OPML for them. If I do I will add the link to this thread.

    Better yet, perhaps could take the script and do that. Perhaps they could even incorporate it into the blog.



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