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Importing does nothing

  1. I get errors importing my Blog, here's what i did:
    I exported all my articles.
    Took Wordpad to change all my paths to my images, because I'm changing my location of all my files.
    I then deleted all my articles (bucket) and then imported them again.
    The XML gets uploaded, and it appears to be done, first time nothing got imported, second time only 3 articles?
    I'm now returning all the articles from the bucket to real articles.

    Am I doing something wrong here or?
    Do I maybe have to export everything to import it back with adjusted paths?

    Leo Graper.
    Ps; my very first import was from Weblog WordPress, but that went ok afaik...
    Blog url:

  2. WordPad is a word processor, it injects a bunch of proprietary formatting junk that our importer can't handle.

    Instead, try NotePad.

  3. Hello Macmanx,

    Ok, i'll give Notepad a try, I used Wordpad because it's fast.
    Will Notepad++ do the trick too?


  4. I believe NotePad++ will. If not, try regular NotePad, that should have been included with Windows.

  5. Ok, in a meantime i've used Notepad just to be sure, never saw so much and long weird mouse behaviour ;)
    Still, I jsut posted another problem, because it looks like it rememberd my previous session(s), because when i select import now, it doens't let me upload a file and says it's processing???

  6. Howdy,

    I've taken of this for you in this thread:

    Please stick to one thread, so we can get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. :-)

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