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Importing doesn't change image urls.

  1. Importing my blog to downloads media (images) but doesn't chang image urls in posts - They still link to my old external blog.

    Using wp 3.2.1 Hebrew.
    Blog url:

  2. Yes, if the images weren't attached to the post and were just referenced via URL in the post, they'll need to be manually changed after the import.

  3. I'm talking about 650~ images.

    Changing them manually would take ages.

    Isn't there a fast way to do this?

    My original blog has all of them in wp-content/ dir, which means their viewable through the admin's media library.

    Image tags look like this:

    <img src="" alt="" />

  4. Listen, what you said wasn't true:

    I just used another plugin to cache the image sto the media library AND attach them.

    After import, image urls didn't change.

    Do you have any idea..?

  5. Looking at your blog it looks like the images were imported.

    If you're still having problems with this - did you completely empty the blog (including the trash) before re-running the import with the images being attached?.

    Attached images should be imported, and links changed, but this process runs after the posts import is complete and might take a few extra hours.

  6. Yes, you are absolutely right. I used this plugin to cache all images on my original blog before transferring, and the import worked like a charm. Thank you very much for your time.

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