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importing from another blog

  1. my domain name i can't use on wordpress because i violated a term of service. soooooo, i'm going to set up another blog using wordpress.

    i want to start posting straight away and tell all my visitors from headphonedeals that i'm moving over (to the new blog at wordpress).

    can i in a months time, then import the content from the (typepad) and if so, will it all show in chronological order, with my new content at the fromt??

  2. Yes, the posts will be in chronological order from typedpad. In a months time, just go to your wordpress blog Admin -> Manage -> Import and follow the directions for TypePad there.


  3. and what about the domain name. can i re-direct it to my new damin name, or is that an issue i need to take up with my web host?

  4. Of course, if the content still violates Terms of Service, the new blog will get ToSed just the way the last one was, just so you know.

  5. it's not the content that was the problem, it's the doamin name. i just want to re-direct it to the new domain that'll be inked to the new wordpress site?

  6. i tried it a about a month ago when i signed up for the hostgator, webhost, and tried to download wodpress via fantastico. it wouldn't accept

  7. Do you mean you want a blog hosted at, or you want a blog hosted elsewhere using wordpress software? They're two different things. See this thread:

  8. i used (and i'm still using it ), and violated the TOS. that was when i was using the domain name, and i didn't know better.

    when i signed up for a hostgator webhosting account and downloaded WORDPRESS.ORG via fantastico, it still wouldn't accept the domain name, telling me it had violated the TOS.

    so in my deseperation to use, i'm going to register a new domain name, in-order to get a account via fantastico, via hostgator, and then i'll import the content from, into my new wordpress blog.

    then i want to re-direct the domain to hostgator or my new domain name. will it work??

  9. sorry,......oh i'm getting confused here. whatever wordpress i have to use that i can download via fantastico is the one i want to use.

  10. No idea, but I do think you should be asking at, not A blog using software has nothing to do with except some functional similarity.

    Read the thread I told you to read

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