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Importing from Blogger

  1. I have been trying to import my posts from blogger beta to wordpress, but it is not working, it says log in failed, and all kinds of excuses.. anyone any suggestions?

  2. I experienced this same thing a couple of weeks ago - based on other threads regarding this same issue, I wound up just copying and pasting my posts. It was time consuming, but did the job quicker than waiting around for Blogger Beta to sync up with itself to allow smoother imports.

  3. import 136 posts by manually cutting and pasting?

  4. It sucks but what other choice have you got? Maybe doing a dozen a day will make it less painful.
    P.S. I had to do this too but didn't have as many as you do.

  5. I cannot import anything either! Help! I have 700+ posts on Blogger.... any more info on this I would greatly appreciate. Thanks.

  6. Hi people,

    I'd like to know steps about what I have to do to import my blog from Blogger (normal, not beta) to WPress... Anybody knows?

    Thanks a million

  7. There's instructions when you go to Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> Blogger.

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