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    I’m having trouble!

    My blogger blog is at I’m using the importer and following the instructions. I currently have January 2005-August 2005 imported, then it skipped to January 2006. The importer status gets to 98% and then starts over at “trying again”.

    I also have 3 of each post that has been imported so far. Fun Fun! Looking forward to any help I can get!



    Blogger has alot of problems when it comes to that. I never got mine imported. But it helps if you do this early morning (U.S. time) because it seems the less traffic there is, the better it might be for doing this. Other threads have been started about this. If you run a search there on the search at the top right, here’s one of the threads you’ll find:



    Best bet would be delete the posts off of Blogger that have made it over and try again.

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