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Importing from Blogger

  1. Hi all,
    I am trying to import my posts from the Blogger that has around 500 posts. The problem is that not all the posts are imported in the WordPress. It seems that just one post is imported for each month.
    Any idea?

    P.S. The Timestamp format in my Blogger is already set to "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM".

  2. You imported using the Admin => Manage => Import => Blogger method? Is it showing the (x/500) blog posts? What exactly does the importer say?


  3. Hi Trent, thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I am using the same method. It shows 53/500. When I am checking the imported posts, I am seeing that just the first post in each month is imported.

  4. I would try the import again because it says that duplicates will not be imported, so there is no risk of getting content twice. I would check to see what the 2nd post of each month is to find out if there is a common thread the importer might be having issues with. Maybe it will work this time for you.


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