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    I am intending to rebrand my blog and would like to do so by starting a wordpress blog. I have set up the wordpress blog and would bow like to import the old posts.

    I understand this is possible using the import feature on wordpress but I dont really understand what effect this will have on the posts that are transferred or the blog left behind at blogger.

    Can someone walk me through what will happen step by step and answer the following key questions:

    Will my pics come across too? If not how do I do this.

    Will the posts appear in my wordpress archive? If no where do they go? If yes will they be dated when they were posted on blogger or the date they are imported?

    What is the SEO issue with importinf my blog that Ive heard so much about? How cab I rectify this?

    Lastly what is the effect on the old blogger blog? Are the posts still visible there or will people automatically be redirected?

    Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is


    I have a related question – how can I reload a post that I’ve already loaded from blogger. (I’ve imported my posts from blogger, but found that I need to adjust the photo size in blogger for them to come up properly in WordPress, so want to redo a huge group of them.) I’ve fixed the posts in blogger, deleted them from WordPress, hit the clear and reset buttons for the blogger import function. . . but it apparently doesn’t recognize that the posts have been updated on blogger or that they have been deleted from WordPress. Help!

    Efwalt – make sure your posts are the way you want them – especially that you have full-size pictures, before you transfer them. Otherwise my transfer went really well, just a few features that didn’t carry over (embedded programs). It’s a slick system and will have no impact on the blog you are transferfing from.

    I’m also curious about the SEO question.



    Your pictures will come across IF the imported file contains media.

    I have no idea what SEO issue you are referring to. Can you be more specific?

    There is no effect on the old blogger blog, but unless you want Google to consider you a spammer, you’d better set either the old blog or the new one Private, because when Google sees identical post after identical post it classes both blogs as spam.

    travelgalcindy you will need staff help.



    Thanks to everyone who has replied so far.

    Raincoaster – I must admit Im not sure what the SEO problem is myself but when I first started googling making the move it said I might lose my blogger SEO. Some posts refer to changing the permalink structure of my posts. Is this really necessary?

    Thanks again

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