Importing from blogger can’t do more than 1st month

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    I’m trying to import all of my blogger posts, I can’t seem to get more than my first month into wordpress. Please help.



    Keep trying, it does work. I imported over a year of posts into a blog a few times!



    It’s posting my blogger posts over and over and over again. This is really bad.



    Same issue here … does not import more than 1 month of posts … and creates multiple copies (4) of the same post .. is there a fix for tis ? or shld i do trial & error ?



    I have been trying to import my posts from Blogger as well and I’m having no luck at all today. The Blog*Spot domain was having some trouble today and so this may be the cause of our frustration. Go to and read what they have posted for today (Feb 3) — they may not have everything up and running yet…this could be why our posts are not importing at all (or improperly).



    I have tried to import from blogger and it didn’t work. However, it won’t let me retry. How can I attempt another import?



    I tried it and it only imported no more than 40 posts (i’ve got over 400). It also made think that my blog there is a spam blog and now they require me to write word verification on every post. It also screwed up my template a little – it added something that’s supposed to be a very long comment with some weird HTML code, but actually it shows up in the browser.



    I am having the same problem. imported only the month of May 2005. I’ve bee trying a few times each day since friday.


    Blogger has been having alot of trouble since the 1st so keep trying.



    I too have been trying to import but it does not import more than the first few posts. I can understand that these are theething problems but I hope it does not mess up the original blogger blog. Then we shall be left high and dry-neither here nor there.



    The status page for Blogger is saying that Blogger has been (is) continuing to experience “difficulties”, etc. and they go on to express how much of an ordeal it has been for the tech crew over there. I am in the process of manually transposing my posts and comments over to WordPress and will probably be finished by the time they get things working again. Needless to say, the problem we are experiencing is more than likely on Blogger’s end and not a problem with the import script on WordPress. Even though I have many more posts to tranfer over, here’s my shameless plug for those who are interested; comments are welcome and encouraged:



    dunno but i realise that this importer creates a blogspot page where it republishes all the pages for it to import. i guess everyone has had a blogger account before, so most likely too many people are using this import feature creating loads of unnecessary blogspot pages and jamming up their servers… :P



    Google’s too busy supporting 419 scammers and filling their result pages with spammers.




    Any idea how to update the import from blogger? I’m stuck @ 90%!

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