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importing from blogger -- error

  1. I tried importing posts from blogger and I get an error message after the Files published goes to 100% and then the 'Moving on...' message briefly appears. It reads:

    Couldn't resolve host '' Your Blogger blog did not take the new template or did not respond

    Can anyone please help me out with this and how I can fix the problem? Thanks.

  2. Is it really saying nameofblog or the real name of your blogger site?

  3. it says the real name of my blogger site. sorry, i just put that in there to replace the real website, which is

    i've tried doing it numerous times now, and during different hours of the day, but i still get the same error message. although i was able to easily import another blog before trying this one, so i'm not sure why it won't work

  4. Not a problem. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't seeing a variable from the code. That would be a different issue.

    Only thing I could think of is for some reason a connections couldn't be made.

    I'll send in a feedback and see if staff has any other ideas on this one.

  5. I'm fairly sure it's the - that is causing it. I recall a simiar problem some time ago.
    Can the blogger name be changed? (I have no idea about Blogger)

  6. Yeah, it was the '-' that was causing the problem. I changed the name and it worked fine.

    Thanks so much for the help :)

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