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    Looking into moving my blog from blogger to WordPress, but when I imported it, it only brought along my posts from the last month. Is this a common problem? How do I get the rest of my old blog onto WordPress?




    Best bet would be to either run it early morning Western US time and try then. You’re not the first person (or 5,000th) to express their annoyance with importing from Blogger.

    The other thing you can do is, if you’re planning on leaving Blogger all together is import as much as you can and then go back and delete the posts from Blogger that have already made it over and run the importer again.

    Hope this helps and good luck,



    Good ideas, thanks! I’ll give them a try (and yeah, I’ve heard about the difficulties, just hadn’t heard of mine before).

    – Ryan



    Okay, thanks to a friend of mine I figured out the solution to my problem – you need to go into your Blogger profile and change your archiving options to “No Archive.” Then, when you import, the entire blog will come along to WordPress.

    Now, however, I find my pictures from blogger aren’t showing up on the blog; even though they’re there when I go to edit the post, when I actually see teh webpage they disappear. Strange…



    If you check the forum search box you’ll find threads on this. Blogger does no allow hotlinking to images. Basically you will have to upload them into wordpress.



    Deleted the cross posting spam. :(

    I agreee with TT. You have to move the pictures over. Blogger doesn’t allow hotlinking from their servers.

    It’s funny though that Google, their parent company pull images from other sites though with their image index. :)

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